Keeping AVs

on the road

Senior Product Designer, 2019—2020

Cruise is trying to transform the future of transportation and improve lives within cities with safe, shared, all electric autonomous vehicles. In 2019 I joined the design team at Cruise to work with the company’s fleet operations team.
The primary focus of Fleet Ops is to keep its autonomous vehicles well serviced and roadworthy. While on the team I worked on the entire suite of fleet operations software tooling that enables upgrades, code deployments, maintenance, and software testing on Cruise’s growing fleet of vehicles.

example of a template used to track the retrofit a fleet
journey map of a shift launch
detailed view of the fleet map
close up view of a tachometer ui for a secret project
a consolidated and organized list of statuses used
a gantt chat timeline view of vehicles schedules
a diagnostics interface used when a technician is plugged into a vehicle

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