Making home

renovations happen

Senior Product Designer, 2020—Present

Sometimes a home needs some work before it can be listed for sale, and with Redfin Home Services a seller can get a fully managed renovation plan, plus listing prep, with no money out of pocket until the home sells. Since joining the team in 2020, I have touched every piece of Home Services from the plan presented to the seller at the outset of a project, to the work list our field team relies on to make that plan a reality. My approach was to build a deep understanding of this domain, and that has allowed me to deliver design solutions that streamline workflows and introduce new functionality for a rapidly growing home renovation business.

Example of a project estimate that a client recieves
The main list of Redfin's Home Services projects
close up look of an interaction used to reorder work items
A job note being created
map view and work item bulk actions
a portfolio concept for Concierges

As the Senior Product Designer on Home Services I have led a majority of the design execution, user research, and project prioritization since late 2020. A few key achievements from 2020—2022:

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